East coast united!

East coast united!

You could think of two diving centers, both of which are in the immediate neighbourhood  of Cala Ratjada, and would be bitter competitors. Far from it, Mike from our Premium Partner Center Dive & Fun and Jaime from Mero Diving are good friends and went on a dive with their teams at Cap Freu last weekend.

A fantastic dive with lots of great fish sightings! After the diving there was the most delicious Coca de Trampó and one or the other decorative beer. It’s nice when the diving centers on the Otsk coast stick together even in times of crisis and together lay a good foundation for the next year that hopefully will bring many diving guests again.

If you want to dive with Mike you can find all information about Dive & Fun here: https://www.scubanautic.com/diving_center/dive-fun-font-de-san-cala/

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