Diving in Mallorca allowed again from May 2nd?

Diving in Mallorca allowed again from May 2nd?

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced last night that, in addition to some further easing of the curfew, individual outdoor sports activities should also be allowed from May 2nd.

This primarily means individual sports such as jogging. It is not yet clear whether scuba diving is a part of it.

In many other European countries, diving is now permitted again if it is ensured that the minimum distance on land is observed, the divers arrive separately at the water and only their own equipment is used.

Underwater there is no risk of infection as long as the usual safety precautions are followed and certain exercises such as alternate breathing are avoided. Precise regulations should be announced in the next few days. SCUBANAUTIC.com will report as soon as more information is available.

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