PETRO DIVERS: New premium partner diving center !!!

PETRO DIVERS: New premium partner diving center !!!

PETRO DIVERS are the new premium partner diving center of

PETRO DIVERS, one of the well-known diving centers on Mallorca, has been in Porto Petro in the southeast of Mallorca near Santanyi and Cala D’Or for almost 20 years.

The base is located directly at the small port of Porto Petro and the large diving boat is only a few steps away from the base. The Petro Divers are the ideal starting point for dives on the fantastic southeast coast of Mallorca.

The Reserva Marina Del Migjorn De Mallorca, a fantastic nature reserve, is right on the doorstep, as are regular diving trips to the famous nature park island of Cabrera.

An indescribably fantastic underwater world, which has already fascinated many passionate divers, including some of Jacques Cousteau’s grandchildren (the real but also the ideal), awaits the divers here.

The PETRO DIVERS are an SSI, PADI and CMAS/VDST partner diving center. Further information is available here:

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