Rare giant jellyfish in Palma and Paguera

Rare giant jellyfish in Palma and Paguera

As the Mallorca-Magazin reported yesterday a giant jellyfish of the species Rhizostoma Luteum was spotted in the Club de Mar in Palma. Just one  week before divers had photographed another one in Paguera. The giant jellyfish can reach up to 60 cm in diameter and can be up to 2 meters long with tentacles. For divers it is a fantastic picture. It is only very little toxic, so no real danger, if you do not pet her to much. You can see a video at this link: https://www.mallorcamagazin.com/nachrichten/lokales/2019/10/08/73983/auf-mallorca-wurde-eine-riesige-qualle-gefilmt.html

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